¥2400 FK factory masterpiece Athens watch classic series 8152-111-2/DOG watch, peerless enamel, timeless beauty, creating wrist art.

 The masterpieces of FK factory [the gilt dog is lifelike]
The masterpieces of FK factory ingeniously create the masterpieces of the Ulysse Nardin Classic Series 8152-111-2/DOG watch, peerless enamel, timeless beauty, creating wrist art.[Case] ​​The size of the watch is 40mmX9.2mm.
1. The case material is made of 316L stainless steel, which is finely polished, rich in luster, and the overall proportion and curvature are extremely accurate.
2. The outer layer adopts PVD vacuum plating technology (the effect is consistent with the original version). In order to restore the unique rose gold color of Athens watch, the FK factory does not hesitate to spend cost and time, try and adjust complicatedly to ensure that the color is exactly the same as the original one, and the authenticity is perfectly presented The noble temperament
3. FK is committed to restoring every detail of the Ulysse Nardin watch. The round gear crown is made very exquisitely, with an anchor pattern on the outside for decoratio. 4. The other side is also engraved with the watch number (one watch, one number), the font style is unified, and the three-dimensional feel It is full and fastened with brightly colored blue steel screws.
[Dial] The vivid gilt gilt dog pattern is reproduced in place, the whole production process FK is not perfunctory, no matter the degree of fineness or finish, it is superb, and there is no dust, bubbles, and other defects.
[Movement] The Seagull 2892 movement, which has a similar structure to the original movement, is used. The debugging methods of the two are completely consistent with the feel of the calibration, which restores the authentic experience to the greatest extent.

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