¥2400 MKS Rolex Cellini Series 50515 [Size]: 39*12mm [Movement]: ROLEX3165 special movement, three hands with small seconds calendar function

 MKS Rolex Cellini Series 50515
[Movement]: ROLEX3165 special movement, big three-hands with small seconds calendar function
[Case]: Imported 316L stainless steel top electroplating thick gold + anti-oxidation protection, emphasizing that this electroplating process is more wear-resistant and anti-oxidation than ordinary electroplating, and there is no need to worry about discoloration in a few months.
[Dial]: cnc engraved wave pattern bottom manufacturing process super three-dimensional
[Pointer]: Switzerland's top batch flower craftsmanship
[Mirror] Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal mirror air double colorless coating
【Watchband】High-grade calfskin watchband
【Clap Buckle】Original one-to-one mold pin buckle is easy to use
Again, this electroplating process is different from the ordinary electroplating process, there is no need to worry about the problem of discoloration, and it is loyal to the original red-gold texture.
MKS craftsmanship to create formal products.

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