Brand new Rolex Rolex! Ludi hit Daytona, the forest-like green ceramic circle looks very comfortable,

The new Rolex Rolex! Ludi strikes, the forest-like green ceramic circle looks very comfortable, represents individuality, vitality, and gives people infinite new hope. The design of the watch continues the usual simple style. The green circle mouth and the white literal green circle make the visual effect more outstanding, and you can control it calmly. The watch case is polished, polished, and brushed with exquisite craftsmanship, and the overall beauty is bursting. It is equipped with Cal.4130 movement, sapphire transparent effect mirror, Rolex special ears, and the Oyster strap is equipped with a safety buckle to prevent accidental opening and a 5mm extension buckle. Comfortable. You can choose to install crocodile skin, and those who are still looking for green water ghosts, don't bear it if you encounter it. 

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