¥2800 OM Factory New Product Omega Brand New Speedmaster Series [Altman] Limited Edition Chronograph

OM factory new product Omega brand new Speedmaster series [Ultraman] limited edition chronograph brand new watch incorporates elements from the Japanese science fiction film "Ultraman" in the 1970s [1] om’s new imported stainless steel case creates smooth lines The elegant continuation of the speedmaster classic 42mm size [2] The transparent arc-shaped pot cover sapphire crystal glass mirror and the dial is more prominent [3] The retro-style Omega logo on the matte dial hides the details related to "Ultraman" everywhere. Speedmaster The bright and eye-catching orange of the watch perfectly matches the color of the uniform of the brave and fearless monsters. It is very innovative. Let's taste the om product. It must be a fine product. 

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