¥2800 rxw factory produced Rolex Cellini series 50535 39mm multi-function true moon phase

Rolex Cellini series 50535 39mm multi-function true moon phase rxw factory produced
[Size]: 39*12.3mm
[Movement]: Seagull Movement Factory cooperated to modify "Pointer Calendar/Moon Phase"
[Case]: 316L stainless steel top Thick gold plating + anti-oxidation protection, it is emphasized that this plating process is more wear-resistant and anti-oxidation than general plating, so there is no need to worry about discoloration in a few months.
[Dial]: Glazed high-end enamel dial
[Pointer]: Top flower craftsmanship + blue steel crescent pointer
[Moon phase]: The whole watch is made of the same meteorite material as the genuine product except for the modification of the movement, and its natural irregular patterns are clearly visible , Enough to buy a whole piece of expensive Russian Suicheng meteorite, first perform wire cutting, and then cnc to cut the surface arc, then use nitric acid + absolute alcohol to pick out the Westedden pattern and electroplating platinum to show the same effect as the genuine product
[Mirror] Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal mirror air double colorless coating
[Watchband] High-grade calfskin strap
[buckle] The original one-to-one mold folding buckle
emphasizes again that this electroplating process is different from the ordinary electroplating process, so there is no need to worry The problem of discoloration is loyal to the original red-gold texture.
It is officially defined as a male model, and it is still appropriate to wear with a female wrist circumference of 13/14cm. Ladies who like this style can also try it.

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