¥3400 AR super masterpiece, Rolex Red Sea Maker Super 904L SEA-DWELLER 126600 Red Sea Maker the strongest "V3" upgrade

The strap and case of the AR Super Ghost King are (absolutely passable inspection) imported top grade 904 steel material. The strap and case are very bright and white and never dim and yellow. The Super Ghost King "V3" upgrade technical features [Fist] 1 : The inner and outer parts of the case are more meticulous 2: The inner shadow lettering and fonts are more delicate and three-dimensional 3: The details on the inside of the buckle are more neat and delicate [Fist] Equipped with Seagull 2824 movement, and matched with genuine purchasing packaging materials, the real Super 904L is the most Strong version of SEA-Red Ghost King Vice King【AR Produced】

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