HB Hublot BIG BANG series 411.JX.4802.RT "full transparent watch"

HB Hublot Hublot's best re-enactment of the year-Hublot Glass Chronograph BIG BANG series 411.JX.4802.RT "full-transparent watch" [exciting details] 1. The hollow layout of the dragon and phoenix after restoring the authentic dial, 2. .Using the same acrylic plexiglass as the original ultimate clone-to complete the impossible task. This material not only has high hardness, but also has excellent physical properties such as corrosion resistance and wear resistance. [Movement function] The diameter of the watch is 45mm. The enhanced version of Shanghai 7750 movement is used to change the original HUB.1242 core, which realizes that all functions are consistent with the formal installation. [Keep improving] The HB factory goes all out to ensure the perfect "seeing through the senses" while trying its best to restore every detail of the genuine product. [Premium] Comes with a pair of natural rubber straps of the same model and different colors (can replace the original), the first "fully transparent masterpiece" in the engraving world. HB will ask the majority of watch friends to assist! 

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