Bulgari OCTO series watch from BV factory, men's watch, leather strap, automatic mechanical movement, transparent bottom.

 1: The case is made of 316 stainless steel, CNC engraved, and professionally polished by the factory master, which perfectly restores the luster of the authentic case, multiple three-dimensional bevels, and shows a unique Italian aesthetics. The case size is reduced to 41*10mm.
2: The literal surface is high-end porcelain literal, the nails are made of CNC technology, two beveled edges are light, and the middle is straightened, which echoes the case.
3: The movement is changed from a 2824 custom-made movement to BVL193. The only one on the market has the same appearance and dimensions as the genuine movement. The splint is polished with Geneva stripes, and each edge is chamfered to highlight the beauty.
4: The drawing process of the octagonal bottom cover is the same as that of the original product. It is matched with customized hexagonal screws. The number of the bottom cover is one table and one number.
5: The strap adopts an ergonomic design, fits the wrist, and is matched with a high-end customized folding buckle, allowing you to work and relax.     

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