GM factory [real 3186 movement] Rolex Explorer series m216570-0001 white plate steel belt GMT dual time zone watch

New GM products: Rolex Explorer M216570-0001 white plate/216570-77210 black plate
The ultimate V2 version of GM Rolex Explorer II is made of authentic imported 904L raw materials for forging and polishing. It adheres to the promise of not mixing with ordinary steel. It is equipped with the same functional movement of the original version of cal.3187, which is reflected in the following: 1: The same orange GMT dual time zone hand as the original version is on the second layer above the bottom hour hand. The order from bottom to top is: hour hand-orange dual time zone hand-minute-second. 2: The same as the original version, the function of adjusting the calendar by adjusting the hour hand fast jump. Rolex Explorer II watches have simple white and black discs, dazzling orange dual-time zone GMT hands, and conspicuous dual-time zone Arabic numerals on the 904L steel ring with a sun-brushed pattern. The overall look is low-key and a bit luxurious. !

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