GMF Factory [36mm] Rolex Rolex Datejust Series m126200-0007 Steel Band Men's and Women's Watches

 GMF Rolex updated the V2 version of the DATEJUST Super 904L, the strongest version of the Nikko-type 36 series watch, which has been repeatedly opened and printed, and the version has been continuously corrected. The details are missing, and the literal printing ratio is All the details of the hands and hands are polished and polished one by one. The case and strap are made of real ‎Oyster-style 904L steel, until the final shipment. It is called a replica-level replica artifact, with a 36mm diameter that is stable but does not lose the atmosphere. It breaks through the gender restrictions of all walks of life. It is suitable for all kinds of people. It is matched with the most stable 3135 movement. ‎Products‎ Purchasing packaging.

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