M+ Taiwan IWC Pilot Mark XVIII Heritage Series IW327006 Titanium Watch

 The redefined Mark 18 Heritage IW327006❶ movement www.iwc.com official website says Cal.35111 in the movement description. The use of Cal.30110 in some watch media is a serious and casual typo. I have this certification based on the purchase of no less than 6 different models of the official Mark 18.
M+ Taiwan factory has successfully self-made cal.35111 by using the technology and mature experience of refitting machine cores for foreign brand companies for many years, using the same embryo body as the official body. After long-term rigorous testing, both the accuracy of travel time and the endurance of power and time have reached the official level.
❷Case and bottom cover, buckle, and head. This IW327006 shell body, buckle and head are all made of a rare material called titanium alloy, which is a kind of titanium metal [divided into white titanium and titanium alloy]. ; A layer of micron-diameter diamond particles is then covered with real anti-handprint electroplating treatment. The cost of titanium white in titanium is relatively low, but its hardness is not conducive to cutting into diamond-shaped sharp lines, while titanium alloy is more conducive to cutting into arc points.
It also has the characteristics of ultra-light and ultra-strong hardness, corrosion resistance, and no skin allergies; and it is increasingly used in watches.
The key four ears of the shell are placed on the flat glass, all on the same level. The ear line is made with a very delicate invisible small chamfer [this process is very difficult to achieve excellent]. This feature can be checked with a high-power magnifying glass; all shells are the same a thousand times, with sharp lines but not skinned, and the shell body is smooth and curved without frustration when viewed from the side; everything is just as aesthetically dripping The dots and lines thoroughly embody the watch style that the designer has given to Mark Pilot’s series of hard and personal watches. And such shape requirements are all done in one go on a synchronous five-axis CNC machine. ❸Literal
· needle · glass
IW327006 is the only style in all Mark 18 series that adopts all hour markers with luminous display, especially the pyramid-shaped triangular cone luminous at 12 o'clock, which is three-dimensional and can be produced by non-ordinary factories. The needles are filled with luminous by burning blue technology. The faint green light and the literal luminous echo each other and lasting. This effect can only be achieved by the luminous oil from Switzerland. Under the magnifying glass, the font is neat and without burrs, and the needle has no black and white blemishes.
It adopts high-grade sapphire glass, double-layer micro-blue light anti-reflection coating treatment, and the original version is the same as the original version. The lens film is used to produce a 99.9% complete light transmittance like a photographic lens.
Everything will be assembled in a real dust-free studio, and a little dust will be the size of a ping-pong ball when displayed on a computer screen under a high-power inspection mirror.
❹Belt, raw ear, canvas belt
The raw ears with a special bipolar structure, like the Rolex raw ears, add a small amount of solid lubricating oil, which is slightly thicker. So as to achieve a smooth and never-breaking craftsmanship quality, and at the same time, it will never make the most annoying sound of "squeaking" when wearing it.
The belt uses the glass fiber currently used by Herm├Ęs as the inner core and covered with imported first-layer calfskin, so that it can achieve the experience effect of being thick but soft, without odor and cracking for a long time.
At the same time, the most popular Nato NATO troop style canvas belt is made of lint-free foreign canvas material overlaid on natural calfskin, bringing you more fashion and vitality!
The belt is fitted with an 18mm titanium alloy buckle.
The NATO canvas belt is matched with a 20mm steel buckle. The two ear specifications are also different...
❺Each watch has an independent number, which is reflected on the bottom cover and also exists on the IWC's exclusive anti-counterfeiting warranty card. When the anti-counterfeiting strip is lightly torn, it can display the official anti-counterfeiting English letters. The serial number reflected on the tag is also synchronized with the serial number of the bottom cover. For all after-sale watches, call IWC's exclusive phone to get the serial number for the record.
❻IW327006 weight of the whole belt: 57~59.g is the same as the official version. ...This is also the most intuitive inspection method for sales staff in specialty stores at present is the "scale".
❻If you bought the Mark 18 Pilot Inheritance series produced by M+watch, please carefully verify whether it has the above features, and verify whether there is an anti-counterfeit label after the warranty card number is lightly torn, and whether the number is consistent with the number of your watch?
❼M+watch staff are the same as you, obsessed with the perfection of the product. We regard the flaws in a little detail as a defective product, so we will check it again and again before the product... Everything will live up to your expectations.
❽If you are not satisfied with the return or exchange of the product, please be sure to return the tag and warranty card together, because these two numbers are independent and none match the watch in your hand; or if you need to maintain it in the future, please only Return the warranty card together.
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