OM Factory OMEGA Seamaster 600m Ocean Universe Series Michael Phelps Men's Tape Chronograph Watch

 OM 8900 Seamaster Series Ocean Universe 600 meters watch hits hot: the highest version of Ocean Universe series watch on the market
[1] The bottom line of the beveled edge of the upgraded shell body is increased to be consistent with the genuine product
[2] Upgraded bezel mouth more black and orange diving scale color closer to orange and fuller
[3] Upgraded porcelain plate surface polished brighter calendar window size more three-dimensional
[4] The upgraded watch has the same head grain as the original version, making loose beads more comfortable to wear
[5] 45.50 mm is made of imported 316L stainless steel, equipped with orange stitching and imported black pvc mesh texture and imported rubber strap. The strap can be interchanged with the original one
CAL: The customized version of 8900 is exclusively available in the market with a black balance wheel movement that is consistent with the original product [Swing 28800] OM produced you are trustworthy!

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