SY Athens Diving Series 3203-950 watch, a leap in quality, perfect reproduction. Men's watch, automatic mechanical movement, nylon silk strap, dense bottom

 [1] Equipped with 2824 small three-needle movement, accurate travel time. Size 42.2mm
[2] The sapphire pot cover glass mirror surface, the calendar window is carved out by hand on the inner surface of the glass, it is very time-consuming to complete this process on the extremely hard sapphire, the technical difficulty is very high, and the scrap rate is relatively high. , The process is cumbersome and complex, the output is extremely high, and the cost is extremely high.
[3] Purchase the original version 1:1 to open the mold:
1: The sandblasted steel inner cover that never sticks to your fingerprints.
2: The bottom cover engraved with the diver's logo has super adsorption power. Even if you shake it hard, the bottom cover is still glued to the case even if the screw is not locked. This is the unique craftsmanship of this watch.
3. The polished, polished, rounded lines of the watch case, and the tricky angles are uniformly restored to the original craftsmanship.
4: Super luminous dial, the longest duration.
5: One-way batch tooth rotating ring mouth, after many photoelectric treatments, the color is bright, bright and extremely consistent with the original version.
6: Each watch has an independent number and is equipped with a warranty card. One table and one code will never be repeated.

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