The V7 factory is pushing hard and conscientiously upgrading the IWC pilot Mark 18 series super copy V2 people-friendly version

 The V7 factory is pushing hard, and the conscience upgrade IWC pilot Mark 18 series super copy V2 people-friendly version upgrades are as follows:
1. The second hand pinhole upgrade synchronization original small hat structure
2. The calendar window has a stepped sense enhanced, and the literal radiation pattern enhanced
3. White surface upgrade and original "water drop" scale and super luminous
4. The buckle surface of the buckle is widened, the lettering is deepened, and the buckle is aligned to the center
5. Factory error color control, each one is accurate
6. The people-friendly version uses the Seagull 2892 movement to ensure that the debugging feel and direction are in sync.
7. The original automatic hammer is still used at any cost, and the lettering is synchronized with the original
8. The literal use of synchronous original high-cost electroplating process, rather than ordinary spray paint, is the only one on the market, reaching the highest level of reduction
9. The original belt thickness, color texture and bottom embossing of the same material are completely consistent with the original, retaining the original intention of the pilot military watch
10. All exterior parts except the movement are consistent with the Swiss version. The V7 factory is genuinely original and all details are perfectly cloned. This IWC pilot watch is regarded as a classic IWC model. It is suitable for wearing in any scene. It can be described as a hundred Take the artifact.
V7 MAKER was born to provide a perfect copy. There are more wonderful works in the future, so stay tuned.

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