TZ factory OMAGE Omega Seamaster 150m series watch

TZ Omega Seamaster 150m series, TZ factory purchased the original, and opened the mold for each accessory one-to-one, synchronized with the original [black anti-magnetic balance wheel] 8500 movement, the balance wheel is at the same position as the original at six o'clock. And the machine The core travel time is stable, and the waterproof performance is strong, and the size of the original 41.5mmX13.5mm is the same. The stability of the movement is the "soul" of a watch. The black balance wheel reduces the influence of the magnetic field. In the polishing and polishing process of the overall movement mechanism, the reduction degree is more than 95% consistent. There is OMEGA's "Ω" under the balance wheel. LOGO, as well as the 8500 movement model, the size of red gems, screws, and hole positions are close to more than 98% of the original. The automatic rotor is two-way winding, efficient and stable, and the overall effect can be called impeccable. There are all VS original accessories on the accessories, and the original accessories such as handles, head grains, inner covers and so on can be used in common. Every detail is done incisively and vividly, and the effect is very good. It looks elegant when worn for business and work, and it is full of vitality and masculinity for leisure sports. All watches produced by the TZ factory are equipped with original leather cases from the Hong Kong Prince Watch Company

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