UVS Factory OMEGA De Ville 424. Ladies Steel Band Watch

uvs genuine mold opening! Omega De Ville 424. is equipped with Haiou 2892 movement, which is consistent with the original 2500 movement, including the height of the middle position, the direction of the calendar and the jumping calendar. The calendar of the 2500 is to rotate the calendar downwards. Jumping from right to left. The 4 trimming lines of the watch case need to be coarsely ground away with cnc and then finely ground. It is not possible for the master craftsman to grind such lines and mirror-like effects. The god of time Cronus relief on the bottom cover is the most difficult. After 11 times of remodeling, the bottom cover was only in pursuit of perfection. It took 13 months to finally achieve the same pattern as the original. Exquisite and lifelike. The size is 32.7mm. Send a replacement belt!

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