V7 Factory IWC Portofino Series IW356502 Men's Formal Belt Watch

 V7 Super Wavefino
V7 produced Seven-star recommendation V7Wavefino Redefines the highest version of Wavefino on the market❗️The true meaning of Super Wavefino ‼ ️profound knowledge, excellence, all commercially available insufficiently corrected version of the original model, all accessories are interchangeable with the original top-level polished sainless steel 316L, 360-degree perfectly synchronized original very locatin along the process of convergence with the case lugs There are no welding marks on the slide (to overcome the problem) The lugs R arc is large enough, the lines are more beautiful, and the case and the bottom cover are perfectly connected, which solves the problem that the bottom cover and the case of many versions cannot be aligned. The font and thickness of the customized calendar can be perfectly matched with the original, the strongest printing on the market. The literal adopts the original top level customization, the color printing and texture can reach the original level. The belt adopts the top Italian cowhide strap, which perfectly restores the original texture, and the internal pressure is synchronized. The latest version of the counter (the only crown logo on the market)316l stainless steel pin buckle is extremely fine, and the lettering is updated to be consistent with the latest counter version, more refined and richer. The lettering and patterns on the bottom cover are all synchronized with the original, and there is no difference between one watch and one number. The market's exclusive four-yard one (back cover, tag, sticker, black card) is equipped with Seagull 2892 automatic mechanical movement, precise and invincible zero repair, pure original quality! The exclusive platinum diamond version adopts gold-plating technology and top Swarovski crystal diamonds (the Swarovski logo can be seen under a magnifying glass, and the cost is several times higher than ordinary zircon diamonds). The gloss effect is infinitely close to the authentic panchromatic system. The most uniform in the market. V7 Super Wave Fino, please taste

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