V9 Factory [45mm] Panerai RADIOMIR series PAM00572 belt men's watch

 Panerai 572, the king of all-match PAM00572 in the official Panerai, the design is extremely simple, very classic and beautiful. Almost all the details are restored from the inside out. It is the most difficult Panerai in the engraving world so far, combining stability and high degree of reproduction. Sandwich literally, 45X12mm original size.
Specific selling points: 1. Unique movement: Panerai 572 is the first and only self-winding movement (pearl tuo movement) of the eccentric micro-rotor adopted by the brand. It is very difficult to develop, not only copying the original Pearl Tuo, and restored the real rotation of the escapement pinion.
2. Thinnest thickness: The thinnest automatic mechanical Panerai, the thickness is only 12mm, which is exactly the same as the original product, and it is more comfortable to use. It can be easily controlled whether it is for business, work or leisure and entertainment
3. Universal accessories: the real products are disassembled and the molds are opened one by one, the shell body is perfectly polished, most of the parts can be interchanged with the original products, and the real one is repeated one by one.
4. Original material: The iconic sandwich dial (filled with Swiss original luminous material) makes the watch have a super luminous display function. The sapphire mirror and AISI 316L stainless steel of the same authentic material are used to make the wearer truly feel the sense of quality. V9Factory-born for top-notch watch technology.

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