[Week calendar] Breitling Transocean series R45310121G1P1 men's belt dress watch

Seven-star recommendation‼ ️Bai Ling first-class watch V7 produced Transocean Day & Date new transocean day & date -transocean series week calendar type super copy Rose gold case, bottom cover precious metal imprint synchronous original
[authentic mold] use a hard-to-find limited edition genuine The mold is opened to truly achieve an illegible effect. All components are disassembled and carefully compared and cloned until they are perfect.
[Extremely messy] All components of the entire watch can be perfectly interchanged with genuine products, all components are 1:1, size 43×12.8
[Top material] Imported pot cover sapphire achieves a high degree of transparency, 316L stainless steel CNC technology is perfectly polished, and pure imported French cowhide achieves the same color, effect and texture as the original factory. The cost of a cowhide is several times that of ordinary cowhide in the market. , The buckle has been re-molded and revised the Logo several times to achieve the same three-dimensional and polished effect as the original. In the control of many details, the V7 has reached the top standard, and many can be benchmarks.

[Reliable movement] adopts full functions Synchronize the authentic custom-made Cal45 movement, engrave Geneva pattern, and realize the precise and stable synchronization of the week calendar.
[Super Quality Control] V7 Quality Control All watches have time difference and waterproof and dustproof QC so that buyers and sellers can worry-free.
[ Super luminous] The original Swiss super luminous display is not afraid of the dark night without
letting go of any details . The original price is only more than 4W, low-key and high-grade, and greatly reduces the embarrassment of collision.
This overseas watch perfectly realizes leisure and formal wear The seamless span allows you to be at ease in any occasion.
V7 Maker was born to provide a perfect copy, and we will present more wonderful works in the follow-up, so stay tuned

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