Bell & Ross AVIATION series BR 01 BURNING SKULL. Made in Taiwan factory 1:1 original mold, front and side bottom covers are all hand-carved and oiled, tattoo embossed, men's watch, 46mm diameter, automatic mechanical movement, leather strap, dense bottom

Bell & Ross AVIATION series BR 01 BURNING SKULL. Taiwan factory 1:1 original mold production, the front and side bottom covers are hand-carved and filled with oil, tattoo embossed, counter-synchronized workmanship, each is individually numbered. The classic is reinterpreted in the form of a tattoo. The skull theme 46mm diameter 316L stainless steel automatic winding mechanical movement with an eccentric screw lock crown dagger hour hand saber minute hand engraved on the bezel is sometimes marked as the prototype used by the paratroopers during the Normandy landing in 1944 "Skull and Crossbones Banner." Table mirror material: sapphire crystal glass with anti-glare coating. Strap material: embossed crocodile grain leather (can be equipped with coffee or black). Waterproof depth: 100 meters.

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