Bvlgari Diagono series 102306 DG41C14SMCVD watch grand debut! [Case] ​​Magnesium alloy + Motorlac lacquer and PEEK (polyether ether ketone) case, diameter 41mm, silicone strap, men's watch, automatic mechanical movement, dense bottom

Bvlgari Diagono series
The 102306 DG41C14SMCVD watch is here! The world's first magnesium alloy replica watch!
[Case] ​​The case is composed of magnesium alloy + Motorlac lacquer and PEEK (polyether ether ketone) with a diameter of 41mm, showing the charming vitality of the watch.
[Bezel] The bezel is made of one-to-one imported ceramic material, which is extremely wear-resistant and can prevent all kinds of scratches.
[Crown] The stainless steel PVD ceramic crown, the crown feels delicate but not slippery, and exudes the soft and dazzling luster of ceramics.
[Movement] Equipped with 9015 automatic winding movement, stable performance is not explained!
[Strap] One-to-one vulcanized rubber strap, sporty and fashionable, comfortable to wear.
[Waterproof] 100% three-degree waterproof test!

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