N factory emperor version of the magical gold yacht Rolex yacht Master 116695SATS "Jelly beans" V8 version (Super 904 steel)

Rolex yacht Master 116695SATS "Jellybean" V8 version (Super 904 steel) is shocked. Noob Factory is upgraded again, the first 904 steel version of the Yacht Master, the jellybean colored diamond version, on the collection A generation version of excellent workmanship, the industry’s top gem technology, and a comprehensive upgrade of the basic stainless steel material, using real Japanese nickel-containing stainless steel material as the basic material 904L [consistent with the original product], imitating the authentic Everose gold steel technology, and the coating is more Durable and corrosion resistant. Comes with an additional custom red rubber strap. Luxury legend, N Factory Jelly Bean 904L version

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