Original Rolex Model 3235 Automatic Mechanical Movement Datejust Series 126331 Men's Datejust Watch, 41mm diameter, 11.7mm thickness, research and development time spent one year, the original version is opened 1:1. Stainless steel strap, dense bottom

Rolex original open mold 3235 automatic mechanical movement log type series 126331 men's log type watch, 41 mm diameter, 11.7 mm thickness, research and development took a year, the original 1 to 1 mold.
The following key points have been upgraded:
1. The case diameter is 41 mm consistent with the latest version of the 3235 series.
2. The strap head grain is the same as the original one. It is assembled with 5 pieces and is very difficult. The strap and the case are interlaced seamlessly.
3. The thickness and curvature of the case are the same as the original.
4. The buckle is the same as the original version, with a spring installed inside, and the font size and craftsmanship are the same as the original one.

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