Rolex 2017 Daytona 116518LN Men's Watch 18ct yellow gold, 40mm diameter, 7750 chronograph mechanical movement, sapphire mirror, the new timepiece combines high technology and extraordinary aesthetics, and to the excellence of this legendary chronograph watch A tribute to tradition. Silicone strap, dense bottom

Rolex Super Universe Chronograph Daytona m116518ln-0037V6 upgraded version. 40MM diameter. 1 Upgrade the angle of the ring mouth and the font size and the font color silver gray is more consistent with the original version, 2: the literal nails are brighter and the luminous is stronger and the luminous time is longer, 3: the angle of the teeth of the case handle is more three-dimensional and smoother, 4. : Upgrade the cover of the 4130 movement, which is more realistic than the original version.

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