TW factory Mido helmsman series M038.431.37.051.09 belt men's watch

The TW Mido helmsman series is coming! Focus on quality and feel the details. Produced by TW, it must be a boutique! [Wonderful details]
1. Following the traditional techniques of Mido, using light blue anti-vertigo coating.
2. The dial uses a cnc engraving machine to engrave the Geneva lines, the details are consistent with the original, after many adjustments, the color of the dial and the thickness of the shading are infinitely close to the original.
3. Unique design style, rubber strap combined with fabric material, provide high-quality choice for watch lovers.
【Case】The size of the watch is 42mmX11.79mm. The details are in place. The line of the case is clear and three-dimensional. The original flavor restores the gritty and outstanding quality of the Mido helmsman series.
【Movement】Using the seagull 2836 carved movement with strong stability and performance, the new helmsman series, the design inspiration comes from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the trendy fashion matching, cutting-edge mechanical watchmaking technology, to create a modern sports and leisure mechanical watch with distinctive characteristics. 

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