VS factory Panerai Panerai LUMINOR 1950 series PAM00389 watch

Specific upgrade place:
A new generation of deep-water weapon! VS 389 P9000 independently developed an upgraded version of the V2 movement [color]
1. The V1 hour hand cannot be adjusted separately. The V2 version upgrades the hour hand to adjust the time separately. The upgrade is consistent with the original
 2. The V1 calendar can be adjusted quickly, and the V2 version is upgraded through the hour hand adjustment.
3. The appearance design of the movement is closer, with a similarity of more than 95%
4. Features: The bottom cover is the same as the genuine anti-magnetic inner cover, and the textured ceramic ring mouth is 95% close to the genuine product. Stable movement with little overhaul!
VS only strives for infinitely close to the original product! Ingenuity, the details are decided!
VS Panerai VS upgraded version of pam00389/PAM389. 47mm diameter, after more than two years of research and development, cloned the original automatic p.9000 mechanical movement, the shock absorber balance wheel position was changed to the position corresponding to 7 o'clock, and the original The position is exactly the same, other versions are at 10 o'clock or 6 o'clock! Completely solve the appearance defects of the Panerai replica watch movement, improve the stability and accuracy of the movement, the position of the balance wheel and the balance wheel deck of the VS version of the P.9000 movement is completely in line with the original Panerai authentic, completely different from The appearance of the domestic 7750. The design of the integrated movement greatly improves the stability and accuracy of the movement and prolongs the service life of the movement. From production and assembly to the finished watch, each movement has undergone layer-by-layer testing to ensure the stability of the movement, and the comprehensive daily error is controlled within 8s (the Swiss watch standard is within 15s). The new VS version of the P.9000 movement has the same functions as the original authentic! It will bring a better experience to the fans of Panerai replica watches all over the world, you deserve it! Enjoy the quality of the counter at a fraction of the price!

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