VS Panerai V2 Upgraded Version 498/pam00498

VS Panerai V2 upgraded version 498/pam00498, the original new P9000 V2V2 upgraded movement Synchronize the genuine clock hand separately! The pinion next to the balance wheel of the movement can be turned, and the balance wheel corresponds to the 7 o'clock position. 44mm diameter. "Happy New Year, Return Home with "Fu"" Bring the "Fu" back home together! VS brand new special edition "Fu Character Pawn". The ancient book of Fu character analyzes five aspects, namely, longevity, wealth, health, good virtue, and good death. At the same time, the word "Fu" comes from the Chinese culture. The 6 o'clock dial is designed with round strokes of "Fu". It is quite harmonious with the Panerai dial and scales. The clear beige pointers and scale hour markers on the dial are not very clear in color contrast with the dial. The visual effect of the performance is relatively mild, which makes people look very comfortable. . It has the memorial significance of special collection and collection. 

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