ZF Factory Breguet Breguet handed down TRADITION series 7097BR/G1/9WU watch

ZF super masterpiece Breguet Tradition series handed down! Automatic retrograde seconds watch! Popularity is coming!
It took nearly 4 years to develop the movement with great concentration to create a sincere masterpiece! ——Realize all original functions!
[Wonderful details] The size of the watch is 40mmX11.65, which is the same as the genuine ZF. With its rich re-engraving experience, the body is finely polished and the shape is simple and exquisite. This thin case is more elegant! The upper and lower parts are made of a whole piece of sapphire crystal glass to make it extremely transparent, fully demonstrating the classic design of Breguet.
[Technological breakthrough] Ultra-precision 1:1 original movement developed and developed. The movement components such as the bridge, gears, escapement, and barrel, which were originally hidden under the bottom plate of the dial, are clearly revealed. The mystery of the operation of today's precision machinery is unreservedly presented before our eyes. The retrograde seconds hand at 10 o'clock shows the seconds. Fully automatic mechanical operation. It fully realizes all the functions of the original authentic product, and is one of the best-made movement products in the re-engraved watch.
[Belt Buckle] Hand-stitched Italian cowhide embossed crocodile leather pattern, with Breguet classic screw bolt fixed buckle, perfect texture, ultimate experience. ZF sincere masterpiece-please appreciate the appreciation of friends from all walks of life!
There are three models of the handed down series! The official models are as follows:
Rose Gold 7097BR/G1/9WU.
Blue 7097BB/GY/9WU
Gray 7097BB/G1/9WU.

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