ZF Factory IWC Pilot's Series IW387903 New Spitfire Chronograph Watch

ZF's new product-IWC2019 new Spitfire Chronograph is shocking! Galloping high in the sky must be "true" ZF produced, must be a boutique!
[Wonderful details]
1. ZF follows the traditional craftsmanship of IWC and adopts double-layer light blue anti-vertigo coating.
2. The tail of the minute hand and the second hand is slightly curved, and the details match the original one.
3. After many adjustments, the color of the panel and the thickness of the shading are infinitely close to the original.
[Case] ​​The size of the watch is 41mmX15mm. The watch case is divided into two sets, the ring and the middle case are integrated. The difficulty lies in the fact that the right angle at the intersection of the two (requiring a lot of fine and ingenious manual work) has been washed by time, the simulation is stable, and the details are handled in place. The lines are clear and three-dimensional. The original taste restores the outstanding quality of this series of gritty.
[Movement] The powerful and stable Shanghai 7750 movement is adopted. Hours, minutes and seconds, dual-period display and chronograph functions are all available.

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