OM Jaeger-LeCoultre Moon Phase Master Series All functions and appearances are the same as the original version

OM Jaeger-LeCoultre Moon Phase Master Series: So the function and appearance are the same as the original version. Detailed breakdown:
[1]: From the side, the lid-shaped dial has been slightly modified several times to ensure that the charm is comparable to the original version.
[2]: Case: The size of the slope of the four corners of the shell surface is consistent with the original version. It has been modified many times to perfectly present the arc-shaped fishtail line of the lugs and the three-dimensional and beautiful line.
[3]: There is no gap in the middle of the buckle. Viewed from the side, the curve of the buckle will not break. The curve of the buckle is the same as the original. 39mmx12mm In order to ensure that Shen Yun is repeatedly modified to perfectly present the simplicity, behind it is the ultimate complexity [simple and ultimate] OM ingenuity!

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