BV factory [neutral model] CARTIER Cartier Santos series W2SA0007 (medium) steel band watch

BV new Santos W2SA007 (medium size)
case: 316 material,
dial: silver-plated pearlescent classic Roman numerals, hand
: Swiss craft fired steel blue
glass: Swiss anti-reflection white film / anti-string / anti-hand pattern AF processing
strap : Equipped with ergonomic SmartLink disassembly system
Size: 35.1×8.83 mm
Movement: MIYOTA-9015 (with the original 1847MC automatic hammer)
BV genuine 1:1 mold opening, truly interchangeable with the original accessories. It is waterproof to 10 bar (approximately 100 meters) and is equipped with two practical inventions of Cartier, "SmartLink" bracelet adjustment device and "QuickSwitch" strap quick replacement device.

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