Franck Muller GIGA round hollow tourbillon watch shockingly listed

The Franck Muller GIGA round hollow tourbillon watch shocked the market. The watch uses a hollow layout design. The overall view of the movement is clear at a glance, perfectly revealing the complex and mysterious tourbillon mechanism. [Key introduction] The precise and stable seagull tourbillon manual movement (80% fit with the original) is adopted. The plump mechanical sense, the hollowed out layout. Not only the mechanical beauty of the tourbillon is properly embodied, but it is also a perfect display of her mystery at a glance. [Wonderful details] 360-degree mirror polishing without dead ends, perfectly expressing the high-end and generous temperament of the tourbillon watch. Italian calfskin strap, soft material, breathable and comfortable to wear, perfectly restore the authentic feel. FM—GIGA Tourbillon, brings you a different luxury experience.

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