GS new product is on the market [unparalleled upright and elegant] GS new product-Cartier Drive de Cartier series watch

GS new product-Cartier Drive de Cartier series watch. With an elegant and solemn pillow-shaped design with a neat and generous line layout, it fully demonstrates the charm of men's masculine and unyielding.
【Case】The watch data is 40mmX41mmX12mm (the thinnest in the market). The unique pillow-shaped case is of first-rate workmanship, and the bright and full curved lines are reproduced in place. GS strives for perfection and restores the experience closest to the original version for the majority of watch friends.
[Technical breakthrough] The original Cal.1904-PS MC movement is changed with the seagull movement. The automatic rotor and the large and small splints are rhodium-plated. The position of the balance wheel is consistent with the original one, and the degree of simulation is close to the counter.
[Exciting details] 1. The original mold is exclusively purchased in the market 2. The hardened blue steel hands are full and three-dimensional 3. The classic button lock pattern on the dial is delicate and coordinated. 4.12 Roman logos are superimposed and printed, and the effect is round and neat.
Calm and restrained, exquisite craftsmanship, produced by GS, will add a unique atmosphere to your wrist.

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