JB Factory Blancpain Fifty Fathoms 50 Search Series 5025-3630-52A Kinetic Energy Display Tourbillon Hand Watch

JB Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Series Ultimate Edition 5025-3630-52A True Tourbillon Men's Watch. First, the mechanism similarity of the movement has been greatly improved, and the degree of reduction has reached 90%. The deck has been washed with flowers, which are the same as the original. The steel stamp, the pendulum is plated with platinum, and the grade is obviously improved. The second is the light effect of the mirror blue film, and the third is the brightness of the flywheel, and the whole watch looks more advanced. Exactly the same as the original function: automatic winding tourbillon, true kinetic energy display at 6 o'clock! 45mm diameter, sapphire countdown ring, double-layer sapphire arched mirror, the entire front is completely scratch-resistant, 18k white gold plated case, reinforced 200-meter waterproof bottom cover, original screw-in waterproof handle, soakable fiber nylon strap , With a folding buckle strap and a pair of pin buckle straps, the most waterproof real tourbillon at present is it, the real materials, restore the original temperament, and show the big-name style. The new favorite of top players! Produced by JB factory, specially designed for top tourbillon.

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