JB Factory [Double Tourbillon] Roger Dubuis EXCALIBUR (King Series) Series RDDBEX0250 Men's Watch

JB Roger Dolby King series double flying tourbillon, equipped with two flying real tourbillons for stable operation, the most valuable replica watch in history (model: white shell and white face RDDBEX0250, gold shell and white face RDDBEX0249, white shell and black face RDDBEX0291, gold shell Black surface RDDBEX0280). Fully copy the original data of the open mold case and literal, both internal and external repairs, the movement structure and external reduction of more than 95%, this is another historical moment in the engraving world, set up the RD01 tourbillon manual winding plate, each one The movement has to go through dozens of simulated QE tests and hundreds of adjustments until it is stable and qualified. It can be manually wound for about 80 laps when it is still. It is plated with 18k gold ring. The diameter is 45mm. The two tourbillons rotate at uniform speed. It is elegant and moving. Satisfy your senses, impact the eyes of others, and overcome the obstacles of gravity to the greatest extent, with extremely precise travel time. The front and back sapphire crystal glass comes with real American alligator leather, the original RD folding clasp, and the signature of Mr. Roger Dubuis cloned on the back. The pinnacle work is unique, and the number is pitiful. Roger Dubuis double Tourbillon is worthy of collection by watch lovers. JB Factory-Born for the top real tourbillon

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