TZ factory Glashütte original eccentric series 1-90-02-42-32-05 belt watch

TZ Gera original eccentric series 1-90-02 watch, the original purchase lasted 3 years to create the mold, the perfect restoration of the Cal.90-02 three-quarter German movement, the double-jump big calendar is wonderfully presented, 3/4 The movement is beautifully polished, the sun phase at 2 o'clock is operating normally, the size is 40mm, and the hands are quenched and burnt blue steel. The layout of the dial follows the golden ratio. The hour/minute dial and the small second dial are still located to the left of the dial, with the center of the circle aligned vertically, and the large date and superb moon phases are displayed at the bottom and top right, respectively. The rhodium-plated silver hour markers are located under the blue steel hour, minute and second hands, and the unique large date display. The silver moon and stars in the moon phase display plate are embedded in the dark blue night sky, making this watch more perfect. The watch adopts a 3/4 splint design. The function of the 3/4 splint is to carry the time train. During the assembly process, the positions of multiple spindles must be aligned at the same time. Only firm hands, caution and a lot of time and effort are required. To complete. Compared with the traditional structure composed of several bridges, the 3/4 plywood greatly improves the stability of the movement. In addition, the 3/4 splint not only reduces the wheelbase tolerance of the gears, but also makes the movement more stain-resistant. You deserve the BBA on your wrist.

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