ZF Factory Franck Muller (Franch Muller) FM Vanguard Yachting V45 Yacht Series Blue Yacht

ZF's blue work-the French Mullan MEN\'S COLLECTION series V45 yacht watch is elegant and debut. The Blue Phantom set sail!
[Exciting details]
1. The size of the watch is 45 mm. The slightly arc-shaped pillow-shaped case fits elegantly. The case is composed of eight internal and external parts. The precision is seamless. All data are customized according to the original one-to-one mold. It is the only highest-level clone on the market that can be a genuine product.
2. The color of the blue plate is the same as the original product, and the effect is calm and restrained, showing the big-name style.
3. Because each of the digital scales on the dial is different, all scales need to be customized independently, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and research and development.
[Watch strap buckle] The double-layer strap structure is a synchronous genuine product, the front is made of artificial fiber, and the back is made of natural rubber. It is comfortable to wear, warm in winter and cool in summer, with excellent comfort. With FM classic folding clasp. Can be perfect universal original.
[Movement] Japan Miyoda 9015 movement, stable quality, accurate travel time, extremely low repair rate.

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