EA Factory VC Vacheron Constantin Heritage Series 81579/000G-9274 Luxury Gypsophila Men's Watch

EA Vacheron Constantin Inheritance Series Luxury Gypsophila Men’s Watch, Model: 81579/000G-9274, the whole watch is inlaid with 660 Swarovski crystal diamonds, the movement is equipped with imported 9015 to Vacheron Constantin 1326 new automatic winding movement, accurate travel time, stable quality Guaranteed! The whole table is electroplated with 18k white gold, and the gloss effect is further improved. Each diamond is also screened, cut and sorted in multiple layers. The size and gloss are consistent. The superb mosaic technology and perfect artistic combination are used. The luxury of diamonds and Vacheron Constantin The classic inheritance of the inheritance series presents nobility, refinement and elegance together!

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