EUR Factory【Tourbillon】RICHARD MILLE Richard Mille Mille RM027 Men's Watch

The god-level replica RM027 , the first tourbillon movement customized and developed based on a single watch Richard Mille RM 027, highly restored the design texture of the RICHARD MILLE Rm027 priced at 4 million , 40mm The diameter of the watch is, the titanium case, the hydrogen-free graphite film is plated, the weight is reduced by 30%, the hardness is increased by 40%, the rubber strap is imported from Indonesia, and the honeycomb strap is designed according to the genuine authentic RM027 , which has the highest reduction in the market. The RM027 is also the first Richard Mille with a sense of authenticity. With omnipotence, pay tribute to you who are omnipotent- Eur factory

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