FL Factory [Enamel Craft] PP Patek Philippe Classic Watch Series 5089G-062 Men's Belt Watch

[Heavy News] A major breakthrough in the industry: You read that right, the FL factory has made a lot of money to create the first true micro-painted enamel craft watch in the re-engraving world. Different from common enamels, resins, inkjets, and prints on the market.
Enamel is divided into infill enamel, cloisonné enamel and micro-painted enamel. Among them, micro-painted enamel is the most difficult to make, has the strongest artistic effect, and is also the most expensive, so it ranks first in the "Seven Arts of Switzerland". There are only a few enamellers in the watch industry, and there are very few who can do micro-painting. To make a micro-painted enamel dial, you need to use a mink-like brush (about ½ of a human hair) to draw with a high-power microscope magnification as an auxiliary tool. Each layer of painting must be baked at a high temperature (about 800°) to keep the color constant Increased until it emits a dazzling brilliance. During the production, the weight of the brush strokes, the change of the paint, and the temperature setting in different steps may cause the dial to become discolored, cracked, deformed, pores, trachoma, etc., and the scrap rate is extremely high. The finished micro-painted enamel dial is not afraid of any years of baptism, and can maintain the beauty of the moment when it is baked. This is why once the watch involves micro-painting enamel craftsmanship, even the simplest functions will sell for sky-high prices.
Patek Philippe 5089G-061 is officially named "Fishing on the Targas River", while 5089G-062 is named "A Day's Receipt". The design is inspired by common tiles in Portugal and southern Spain, and the tiles are arranged in a mural pattern in a similar mosaic style. Using trompe l'oeil technology, the appearance of the tiles can be rendered realistically, as if the entire dial is composed of many tiny tiles. This micro-painted enamel dial is like a blue steel needle, and the real thing is even more stunning at different angles.
The simple and capable Calatrava round case is extremely low-key, and the 38.6mm watch is very business and casual. The movement is also full of sincerity, equipped with a customized version of the original two-needle Pearl Tuo movement, which can greatly reduce the failure rate. The dial is synchronized with genuine craftsmanship after repeated firing at 700°-850°C and 16 layers of manual micro-drawing.
Note: The dials are all hand-painted, and there is no exactly the same pattern. Genuine Logo strokes can't be neat. The endangered micro-painted enamel craftsmanship is meticulously crafted by the FL factory and classics are reproduced. Welcome friends from all walks of life and big coffee in the watch industry to taste (can be tested).

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