JB factory RD Roger Dubuis EXCALIBUR (king series) series RDDBEX0545 rubber strap men's tourbillon watch

JB Roger Dubuis Excalibur Spidr (The King Series) RDDBEX0479. This is the brand’s most super-sports style. The skeletonized flying tourbillon watch has the representative features of Roger Dubuis skeleton timepieces. It is synchronized with the original 45mm*13mm titanium alloy case. It has a star-shaped appearance design. Cross-shaped tourbillon frame. Equipped with a Shanghai custom-made RD505SQ manual winding movement. The gold balance wheel has the same weight nails as the original. The movement is more stable than small factories and has less error. The main body of the movement has a similarity of 98%. There are no extra gears at 11 o'clock and 4 o'clock, the movement splint is arranged in orderly fish scale pattern, and the redundant calendar gear has been abolished, sapphire scratch-resistant mirror, imported Thai rubber material strap, high flexibility and exquisite workmanship, original Folding buckle. The watch is domineering, generous and cool, full of force, and once became the standard watch for sports car enthusiasts, with super high recognition. JB Factory-Born for high-end tourbillons.
Evaluation points:
1. The structure is similar, the main body of the movement has a similarity of 98%, and there are no extra gears at the 11 o'clock and 4 o'clock positions of the movement.
2. The weight flywheel, the same as the original gold balance wheel, there are weight nails on the balance wheel, the movement is more stable and the error is smaller than the small factory
Three, the size is the same, 45mm*13mm
Fourth, the gears are practical, abolish the redundant calendar gear of the movement, and are closer to the original with fewer flaws and simpler operation.
5. Finely polished, the original data of the watch case is copied by CNC numerical control mold, the shell shape is the same as the original, the orderly arranged fish scale pattern washing splint, the 3 o'clock Roger Dubuis seal is a steel seal
Six, rubber strap, imported Thai rubber material strap, light and comfortable to use, waterproof, high toughness and exquisite workmanship
7. Identification, unique identification code on the bottom cover
8. Complete colors, group photos, and slideshows in different scenes

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