[Star Watch King] PP Patek Philippe Super Complication Chronograph Series 6104G-001 Men's Belt Watch

The Patek Philippe Starry Sky Upgrade Ultimate v2 version has upgraded
1: The upgrade calendar is arranged in the same order as the original version.
2: The thickness of the entire watch is closer to the thickness of the original.
Can you imagine wearing the starry sky on your wrist? This starry sky watch has a special astrological function. On the blue round dial, you can enjoy the Geneva sky map and the golden moon orbit. It has been used for 20 months and is transformed from the 9015 imported from Japan. It is the same as the original version. The moon on the heart dial will automatically change according to the moon’s full moon eclipse in the sky. The front and rear glass of the case are processed with advanced technology to improve the glass refracted light and make the dial look more transparent. It seems that there is no glass. Back cover and glass It also uses the same concave shape as the original version to break the parallel of the traditional watch back cover and glass. The white light case, the 2-character head adjusts the time, the calendar, and the moon plate 5-character head rotates the star dial. There is nothing to ask for this watch in hand.

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