V9 Factory JL Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Series 1302520 Perpetual Calendar Men's Belt Watch

Another time-consuming moment in the engraving world, the "Perpetual Calendar", one of the three major complications of famous watches, was successfully developed! V9 Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Perpetual Calendar Automatic Mechanical Watch (official model: white surface 130842J, black surface 1308470, gold surface 1302520, gray surface 130354J), Stephen. The same watch from Stephen Strange. The V9 factory has realized all the functions of the original 868 movement without changing the original 39mm diameter.
The functions are as follows:
1. Perpetual calendar-normal operation of the perpetual calendar year at 8 o'clock (2017-2024, free return to factory to replace the year module in 2024), like the original one, can be adjusted through the hidden button of the watch case, and is better than the original reversible adjustment (the original year is Irreversible, repair at your own expense after adjustment);
2. Sun, moon and stars (annual calendar)-date (3 o'clock), month (6 o'clock), week (9 o'clock) are all in normal transmission operation, and can be adjusted manually (the date can be adjusted in both directions by pulling out the second gear, The month can be adjusted by the hidden button at 8 o'clock, and the week can be driven by adjusting the pointer);
3. Warning window-a fan-shaped window located above the needle axis in the center of the dial. When it is displayed in white, the year can be manually adjusted. When it is displayed in blue, it is the restricted time period. It is best not to adjust the year in this area to avoid damage to the movement. Life, so is the original;
4. Moon phase plate-the moon phase window at 12 o'clock runs for 24 hours a week; 5. Hours, minutes and seconds-runs and adjusts the same as a conventional watch. Reasons for purchase: 1. Complete functions: complete functions including perpetual calendar, annual calendar, etc., high-grade, high playability, strong viewing ability, and the movement is indispensable; 2. The literal is very similar: the literal is the face, benefited from The advantages of the original mold, 98% of the product is close to the original literal dial, font distribution and dial color, it is difficult to distinguish without looking at the movement; 3. Practical size: 39mm diameter can be used for business or leisure, formal casual wear Wild
4. Toffee pointer: Toffee sword-shaped pointer is the logo pointer of the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand (half sandblasted and half polished), and is an ordinary pointer that is not a small factory product;
5. The public price is not high: the original version is basically steel models, about 10W after discount (about 8W second-hand), currently the most cost-effective one of the first-line brand complex models, there is no one, and most people can control it. (Reminder: the full calendar/annual calendar is not equal to the perpetual calendar. The full calendar/annual calendar only displays "sun, star and month", while the perpetual calendar can directly display the year).

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