ZF Factory RD Roger Dubuis Round Table Knight EXCALIBUR (King series) series RDDBEX0495 men's belt watch

The late bloomers return! ZF's fine carvings and dedication, to achieve eternal classics-together to appreciate the ZF round table knight series watches
[Case] ​​The size of the watch is 45mmX15.7mm. Break through all previous versions on the market, fix deficiencies, strive for perfection, and be meticulous-tribute to the original version!
【Technological breakthrough】
1. The valuable 12 bronzes all use the same bronze materials as the original products for micro-engraving, and manual micro-engraving is time-consuming and labor-intensive. But it can bring outstanding results. Each knight is only 6.5 mm in height, but it is lifelike.
2. The entire watch case is round and smooth, but it seems clumsy but contains countless efforts. The triangular pit pattern on the ring mouth needs to be processed by a large amount of CNC, and it is repaired by experienced watchmakers.
3. The hemispherical dome glass is processed by special HD coating technology, no matter what angle it is, you can show and appreciate the wonderful details of 12 bronze people.
[Movement] Using the precise and stable 9015 movement imported from Japan!
[Watch strap buckle] It is the same as the original one, and the joint between the strap and the watch head is plastically filled with military rubber. In order to achieve the same effect as a genuine product, ZF continuously tests to ensure compatibility with the strap and case connection! Excessive smoothness and smoothness not only make the wearer feel comfortable, but also ensure the overall harmony and symbiosis of beauty. ZF products must be high-quality products because they are professional because of their care!

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