BV Factory [Unisex] CARTIER Cartier Santos Series W2SA0007 (Medium) Steel Band Watch

BV's new Santos W2SA0007 (Medium)
Case: 316 material
Dial: Silver-plated pearlescent classic Roman numerals
Hands: Swiss craft firing steel blue
Glass: Swiss anti-reflection white film / anti-string / anti-hand pattern AF process
strap : Equipped with ergonomic SmartLink disassembly system
Dimensions: 35.1×8.83 mm
Movement: MIYOTA-9015 (with original 1847MC automatic hammer)
BV genuine 1:1 mold opening, truly interchangeable with original accessories. Water-resistant to 10 bar (about 100 meters), and equipped with two Cartier practical inventions, the "SmartLink" bracelet adjustment device and the "QuickSwitch" strap quick-change device.

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