ZF factory JL Jaeger-LeCoultre geographer master series Q1422521 formal belt men's watch

It took ZF nearly three years to develop the movement with great effort to create a sincere masterpiece! ——To realize all the functions of the original and solve the problem of thickness, the Jaeger-LeCoultre geographer Q1428421 watch is long overdue, and it has accumulated a lot!
[Wonderful details] The size of the watch is 39mmX11.9, which is consistent with the genuine ZF. With its rich experience in Jaeger-LeCoultre replicas, it perfectly restores the charm and details of the case, and controls the thickness to be consistent with the original. The lugs are too natural, the case body is finely polished, and the front and rear two pieces of sapphire glass are extremely transparent, which are perfectly connected to the case. [Technical breakthrough] The stable Japanese MIYOTA.9110 core is used to change the Jaeger-LeCoultre CAL.939A/1 movement to realize all the original functions - including hours, minutes, seconds, date, day and night display, world time display and power reserve display. The repair rate is extremely low! Powerful, it is not one of the most powerful and best workmanship products in the current replica watch.
[Belt buckle] Black hand-stitched Italian cowhide pressed crocodile leather pattern, with Jaeger-LeCoultre classic folding clasp (can be interchanged with genuine products) for perfect texture, the ultimate experience. ZF sincere masterpiece - please appreciate all watch friends!

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