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For me, it was love at first sight. From the moment I first saw it I knew I had to have it. Its bold and exotic appearance, unique personality and understated charm are just a few of the things I adore about the Louis Vuitton Kimono Monogram Canvas bag. Inspired by one of the most intriguing symbols from the land of the rising sun, this purse is a tribute to the traditional Japanese robe. Its design is an echo for simplistic beauty and everlasting elegance. It is a very unique LV handbag that knows how to get the right attention in every crowd.

The LV Kimono is an intriguingly graphic tote that steals the show with a magnetic combination of Monogram canvas and fine calf leather. But its design is so much more than just a nice balance of contrasting materials. Its design is captivating because it blends two very powerful motifs. One is the V-signature logo that has its origins in a classic Louis Vuitton advertisement from the ’65s and the other is the Japanese Kimono robe, a cultural symbol that emphasizes beauty and elegance.

I think that by now you already got the idea. I really adore this bag. And since I am absolutely crazy about its unique design, I was looking forward to buying it. After months of wait, research and deciding my new and amazing Louis Vuitton Monogram Kimono Monogram Canvas replica handbag is finally here. And it is everything I expected it to be- stunning, beautiful and last, but not least, imposing. Below you will find all my thoughts about this striking LV fake bag.

My Louis Vuitton Kimono tote replica is loyal to the original sizes of the authentic bag as it measures 16.5 x 17 x 5.7 inches (length x height x width). LV makes it in only one size which could be considered medium. It is not very big, but it is not small either. It is just right for carrying it every day to work, shopping or to social events. You can also put a lot of things inside. Due to its generous proportions, the purse is quite spacious and practical. Plus, its carefully studied construction allows ideal weight distribution so that it feels lighter when it’s full.

Just like the authentic one, the LV Kimono fake bag is manufactured from Monogram canvas and high quality calf leather. I was really impressed with the materials used to make this bag as these are quite good and superior to what is used on most replicas. When you touch and hold the bag it feels very authentic and sturdy. The leather and the canvas are quite thick and stiff allowing the purse to stand tall and not make unflattering creases. Given the fact that this is a very graphic purse, I think that this aspect is very important. Another thing that tells you that this is a very good replica is the fact that it actually has that nice smell of real leather. It doesn’t have the strong chemical odor that some poor quality replicas have.

The handles on a bag are a really big deal. You simply cannot ignore this when you are buying a knockoff as badly crafted handles can ruin what, at first sight, may seem like a nice imitation. The Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas comes with elegant Toron leather handles that are quite tall and beautifully arched. This style of handles is also rounded and features very discrete stitches on the inside. I was very impressed to notice that my fake purse has the same type of handles. Crafted from fine black leather, these are also impeccably stitched and rounded so that it offers maximum comfort when carried on your arm. Also, these are attached to the body of the bag by using an arrow-like shaped leather patch on each end of the handles. When comparing the photos of the genuine bag with my replica I noticed that these leather patches are applied on the same exact place as on the original bag so that it identically aligns with the LV flowers printed on the Monogram canvas.

Louis Vuitton makes the Kimono tote in three colors Aurore, Cerise and Noir. The brand has also produced some limited edition models such as the Kimono Limited Edition Cruise 2017, but the most iconic and popular color versions continue to be the pink, red and black ones. My favorite is the black LV Kimono, obviously. I think this color is the one that captures best the intriguing and elegant personality of the bag. Plus, it is easier to style up with your wardrobe. The design is already intricate and pretentious. Adding a bright color like red or pink only makes it harder to match it with your clothing and shoes. So for me, the right color for this bag is black. No doubt about it.

The design of the Louis Vuitton Kimono is eye catching as LV also admits on its website, but by combining a unique and very interesting design with a resonating elegance, the brand has created a splendid product. The body of the purse concentrates a few stunning details. The upper side is a modern representation of the traditional Japanese robe with its distinctive V neckline. The V cut of the bag is emphasized by the addition of a golden V hardware that is beautifully polished. This metallic V is applied only on the front side of the bag. On the other side there is only the stitching on the margins. Then the actual body of the bag is wider on the top and narrower on the bottom. The dual personality of the bag is given by asymmetrically combining the iconic Monogram canvas and black leather as to form a “wrap over” effect reminiscent to the traditional Japanese Kimono robe. The left part of the LV Kimono’s front side is made from Monogram canvas, smaller and triangular shaped whereas the right part is black, larger and trapezoidal shaped. The sides feature the Monogram print and have a vertical tall folding that creates a beautiful full and rounded look.

The base of the bag is squared shaped with impeccable stitching across its 4 sides. I was quite pleased to see that my replica has the same sturdy and hard base as the original purse. Because it was manufactured from superior leather, the bottom of the purse is stiff enough as to offer excellent robustness and allow you to carry heavy stuff without compromising its beautifully defined shape. There are also 4 rounded metallic studs applied on the base of the purse. These have the “Louis Vuitton” name engraved on them.

The inside of the Louis Vuitton Kimono Black Monogram is made from black microfiber lining which many people consider to be better than lambskin or suede because it is easier to maintain. This material is very soft and supple, plus it has a very elegant look. The authentic Kimono tote has the same type of lining and it was probably preferred to the other alternatives because it is lighter and slimmer thus allowing the bag to feel more delicate and feminine, just like an actual Japanese Kimono robe.

The purse doesn’t have a top zipper closure. LV preferred to keep things simple and relaxed with this one and it used a transversal snap hook as a closing system. This offers extra versatility and maximum access to the content of the bag. When you need something quick you just grab it, no need to waste time unzipping the purse every time. At the inside of the Louis Vuitton Kimono purse we find a middle zip compartment that is stitched to the sides of the bag and is non-removable. This middle compartment is rather wide and flat. It can fit things like IDs, cards and phones, but not very bulky items. On one side of this compartment there is a black squared leather tab embossed with “Louis Vuitton Paris Made in France” wording written on 3 rows and in gold color.

The purse comes with gold hardware that has been very nicely polished. I like very much the elegant shine of the gold parts used on the Kimono tote and I think that it is an excellent choice for augmenting the elegant personality of the bag. To match the hardware, the “Louis Vuitton Paris” embossed wording on the lower part of the front side of the bag is also in gold color.

I really have to say that this Louis Vuitton replica handbag enjoys flawless stitching. Just like on the genuine purse, it has black stitching both on the inside and outside. And surprisingly enough, the stitching is very well made. It is discrete, even and symmetric without any loose threads, discolorations or any other imperfections.

The Louis Vuitton Kimono is a work bag and as all work bags it needs to be practical, functional and easy to carry around. Luckily, the purse is pretty lightweight so you can put quite a lot inside and carry it around without weight related difficulties. Another plus are the rolled handles that make it very comfortable to carry on your arm or shoulder. Also, due to the middle inside compartment you can’t put very bulky things inside, but it still is has a lot of room for all your essential work stuff.

This LV purse does not come cheap at all. To be more exact, the original one costs $3,000. That is a lot for the average working gal. Even though I like beautiful things and appreciate fashionable brand products, I could never afford or be able to save that much for a bag. Instead, I prefer to buy good quality imitations like this Kimono knockoff that only costed me a couple hundred dollars. I am very happy with the way it looks and feels. Overall, it was a very inspired purchase and I recommend it to all of those who like the unique and bold design of the Louis Vuitton Kimono Monogram Canvas.

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